Meet The Cast: Dean Wrzeszcz as "The Bishop"

Dean Wrzeszcz is a writer who grew up in the diocese of Erie, Pennsylvania, where he attended St. Stanislaus parochial school and studied Dance at Mercyhurst College. After moving to Manhattan, he did scene work with William Hickey and later graduated from The Willliam Esper Studio under the tutelage of its eponymous founder. Dean’s writing has been published in The Daily News, New York Press, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Out, Gay City News, and The Lesbian & Gay Review, Worldwide, among others. He serves as Director of Communications for The Harry V. Quadracci Foundation, an NGO involved in the revitalization of coffee production in Northeast Haiti, and is a contributing editor at Gay City News. Wrzeszcz has also devoted much of his peripatetic life to answering the question “How do you pronounce that?”


  1. So how DO you pronounce it? :)

  2. I guess Dean has the distinction of having the most number of consonents in one name, and only one vowel. This is a great blog about the development of a play, the diffculties and complications of which most people have no idea. It's quite a process. Having written plays for 8 years, back in the 1980s, when NY had a thriving gay theatre movement (the Glines, Meridian Gay Theatre, Wings Theater Company, Three-Dollar Bill Gay Theater, just to name a few) I can say it's quite a process. Frustrating, hair-pulling—your own and others—but ultimately wonderful. I love actors, find directors a difficult call, and if you can find a great producer, hang on to him or her for dear life.